Impacted by economic, technological, political and social changes, the aerospace industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Innovation is driving change through digitisation and through the creation of new, value-adding services. It is more important than ever to ensure that you are achieving compliance with international and local regulatory requirements.

Economic, technological, political and social issues - aeronautics symbolizes the globalization of exchanges and their complexity. The dynamism of the market is fueling the challenges of rising pace, competitiveness, internationalization with absolute security. Digitization, the modernization of the industrial tool is a necessity. Innovative ecosystems are being created to create value in an ever wider area around the aircraft, especially in services.   

As a player in the aerospace industry, your mastery of industrial and regulatory requirements is recognized by international and national authorities and by your customers.

Your management systems are certified, mature and deliver a level of performance that you know how to evaluate and manage. The development of your new products is based on robust processes, such as APQP, shared with your customers and suppliers. Your special processes are accredited.

Your industrial sites are efficient, safe and respectful of the environment. The value of your assets is maintained over time, your maintenance costs are optimized.

You integrate all the issues of security, health, environment upstream of your projects. Hazardous chemicals are substituted or operated safely. Your industrial risks are under control, guaranteeing continuity of production in all circumstances. The data you manage is protected.

Digitalization of your facilities and operations continues, allowing you to maintain your competitive advantage. Cobots, additive manufacturing tools, smart objects are integrated into your operations safely.

You develop your industrial footprint all around the world and master the technical and regulatory constraints specific to each country You know the compliance status of your installations.  Your rank N suppliers meet your expectations in terms of quality, cost and time. You exercise your duty of care.

You animate innovative ecosystems to develop new markets , know the technical constraints of the sectors you are aiming for and the technical barriers to entry.

With Bureau Veritas, you gain confidence , master your risks and create value for your business, your customers, the company.


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