Our recruitment process is the same for everyone, regardless of your profile.

1. Application:  You submit your application on our website.

2. Pre-selection:  We review it, and if it matches the expected competencies for the position, it will be pre-selected. Depending on the profile or position, this step can be supplemented by a telephone interview or a video pre-selection interview.

3. Selection:  If you are shortlisted, our Recruitment Managers send your application to the managers concerned. If selected, 2 to 3 face-to-face interviews are offered to assess the expected behavioural and / or technical skills and motivation to join our Group. You meet the operational manager, the HR manager and eventually the agency manager. An individual response is communicated to you shortly after your interviews. 

Important:  If you are applying for a technical trade, written and / or oral proficiency tests developed by Bureau Veritas are submitted to you.

4. Recruitment:  If you are selected, you are then contacted by the HR Manager for the contract phase.

At Bureau Veritas, new hires are accompanied as soon as they arrive. We give you all the knowledge and tools you need to fulfil your mission. It is also about promoting your integration within the group.

  • The meeting of integration, this meeting is proposed to you in the year of your arrival. It informs you about the following topics:
  • The company: its values, its history, its organization, its trades...
  • Your means of communication and sources of information about the group,
  • Our requirements in terms of security. 

As a new hire, this meeting is also an opportunity to make contacts to build your first network internally. 

  • Technical universities, they are intended for new hires young graduates or with no experience in technical control. 
  • They provide a quality curriculum around four major themes:
  • The basic technical skills required to understand the job,
  • The stakes and responsibilities of the profession,
  • The organization, the range of services and the tools available,
  • The commercial relationship.    

 Tutoring:  Your tutor accompanies you in your first steps within the group. At his side you will be able to:

  • Learn to situate yourself in the group,
  • Discover our corporate culture,
  • Better know how to exercise your profession,
  • You feel accompanied by the group,
  • Have benchmarks that make it easier for you to take a job
  • You build a network by meeting your peers.