Remote Services: An Imperative Need of the Moment

Apr. 15 2020

Health and Safety of employees and clients is a priority for Bureau Veritas. Thanks to digitalized auditing services, the Group helps to manage the management system while maintaining performance during the Covid-19 crisis.

Bureau Veritas has already deployed remote audit, Online virtual training services in multiple cases and business units around the world. 

During this difficult time, the Group is leveraging this digital experience to continue supporting its customers in real time. Remote audits are effective alternatives when there is limited or no physical access to site, when experts are not available immediately or when sites are affected by travel bans or restrictions.

Bureau Veritas is able to schedule the remote audit for existing clients for up to 50% of Surveillance or Recertification audit based on past management system performance, This will be followed up with an onsite audit within 6 months to complete the remainder. 

For example:  Our Certification clients located on-site at a manufacturing plants, offices, or personal Homes can communicate via the internet streaming & mobile phone. Which enables Bureau Veritas’ auditors & certification team to remotely conduct the audit and ensure business continuity. 

Our remote auditing will be conducted through Digital solutions such as Microsoft teams.
By eliminating direct contact and adhering to social distancing best practices while continuing to meet clients’ needs.

Bureau Veritas is committed to providing the best quality of services to his clients, maintaining the levels of strict compliance and trust that all stakeholders demand today.