The modern fashion brands keen on delivering high quality and value added products in order to minimize the brand risks and to gain a competitive edge. Textiles are a final result of longer chemical and wet process. Hence, the health and environmental risk known to be high in textile and apparel products. Fashion brand owners apply various quality controls practices over the supply chain to produce safer products. In this scenario, Testing does a major role in verifying material and product quality through assessing material construction, appearance, durability and performance, chemical health hazard and impacts to environment. 

Prominent test categories for the Apparel industry are Fabric Testing, Garment Testing, Accessories (buttons, snaps, rings & sliders, zippers and other), Trims such as lining & interlining, backings and bonded items, Leather goods Hosiery and Footwear and Anti-Bacterial Testing under IAC (Internal Antibacterial council) Accreditation.

Textile and Apparel Testing

  • Fabric Construction
  • Physical Performance
  • Colourfastness Properties
  • Regulatory Testing
  • Fibre Composition
  • Flammability
  • Restricted Substances
  • Special Claims

Sustainability Solutions for Apparel Industry

  • ZDHC Waste Water
  • MRSL Chemical Testing
  • Chemical Management System – BVE3


  • Product Inspection for Bureau Veritas generic standards or client protocols. 
  • Initial Production
  • During the Production
  • Final Random Inspections

Audit & Verifications

  • Factory Social Compliance Audits 
  • High Verifications – General and Chemical 
  • Client Specific Audits
  • Factory Technical Audits