Toy safety is high concerned criteria with the risk associated in the products. Stringent regulations have imposed worldwide in many of the countries. The change in emerging technology and maturity of the market has called for stringent testing process by ensuring the safety of the toys as well as assuring the consumers that they could buy them with confidence for the children to play. 

Most testing are performed on Physical Hazard, Flammability, Heavy Metals and Hazardous chemical.  We test Soft Toys, Rubber Toys, Art and Craft Toys and Educational Toys.

The requirements for Toy Safety become increasingly stringent every day from quality, design and development to testing and evaluations

Many countries have established their own safety regulations such as ASTM, GB, ISO and EU Toy Directive for these items, and companies must ensure that their products comply with the relevant standards before their goods can be sold in these locations. Manufacturers have been held liable for injuries and fatalities resulting from design flaws, use of unsuitable materials, and substandard production.

As one of the largest players in the toy, games, and premium testing industry, Bureau Veritas can help to safeguard its clients, providing product safety testing and evaluation and a complete range of quality assurance services, including:

  • EU Toy Directive Testing
  • ASTM and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Testing
  • ISO Standards
  • AS/NZS Standards

As a Total Quality Assurance provider, we strive to facilitate the creation of the safest environment possible for children by enhancing the design, safety, and quality of toys and children’s products, through:

  • Mechanical and Physical Safety Testing
  • Flammability Testing
  • Chemical Testing
  • Design Review and Evaluation
  • Endurance and Performance Testing
  • Performance Check

Our technical experts goes beyond regulatory testing to provide research and development services that incorporate real-life child observation and risk analysis to assess, identify and predict potential hazards in toys and children’s products at all stages of development and production.

Bureau Veritas’s global accreditations in toy and children’s products testing include the U.S. CPSIAEU Toy Safety Directive, ASTM International, Health Canada’s CPSA, GB Standards and International Standards Organization (ISO), as well as a number of state regulations including California’s Prop 65, Pennsylvania Stuff Toy Regulation.